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Working Hard To Reach An Amicable Solution

Because child custody and child support disputes are so emotional and difficult to settle, it is helpful to have a neutral third-party to help serve as the voice of reason in your decision-making process. At the office of Theresa Y. Copeland, Attorney at Law, my goal is to help you keep the dissolution and child custody process as amicable as possible for as long as possible. You have to raise your children with your ex-partner, and hating each other does not make an already highly emotional time and process easier on anyone.

My name is Theresa Y. Copeland and I’m an experienced family law lawyer who will work closely with you to provide the best possible resolution to your child custody or support dispute. Texas has particular regulations and guidelines in these matters, so hiring an attorney is important to helping you understand all of the ramifications.

To discuss your child custody or child support goals in an initial one hour consultation at my Decatur office, contact me online or call 817-210-4964.

Knowledgeable Representation At The Start

Retaining a lawyer’s representation in the beginning of any kind of dispute will ensure your rights are protected. I help you with child custody matters, such as establishing parenting plans, possession schedules and visitation.

If things have changed since your initial divorce decree or you need to modify an existing child support or child custody order, I can help you file a post-judgment modification. Post-judgment modifications take into consideration changed circumstances in jobs and income, and can help if you need to relocate or alter visitation schedules.

I also help with the enforcement of child visitation and support, and the establishment of paternity rights.

Common Misconceptions About Child Custody

After several years of helping clients through custody battles, I have found that there are a lot of misconceptions circulating about child custody. A few of these common misconceptions include:

  • “The mother always receives preferential treatment in custody battles.” That is not correct – child custody is based on the best interests of the children, not on the parent.
  • “My children will get to decide where they want to live once they turn 12.” While the court will often take into consideration the preference of a child age 12 or older, this is not always true.
  • “Child support is based on something I can afford.” In reality, it is based not on what you can afford, but rather on a formula that takes into consideration numerous factors – such as your income and the number of kids that you have. All of these factors will affect the amount you pay or receive.
  • “The custodial parent does not have to make the child go visit the other parent if the child does not want to go.” That is not true; when it comes to visitation, the custodial parent must make the child visit the other parent. It is not up to the child to decide when possession takes place.

To learn more about how I can help you with your child custody and support matters, contact me online or call 817-210-4964 to schedule an initial consultation.