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Clear Explanations And Guidance

If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have just been served with divorce papers, you may have many questions about the complex legal process ahead of you. At Theresa Y. Copeland Attorney at Law, you will find an approachable divorce lawyer who provides clear explanations and guidance for clients in North Texas who are experiencing divorce.

Representation For All Aspects Of Divorce

Every divorce is unique. Our founding attorney, Theresa Y. Copeland, will provide you with personal service that is tailored to your individual situation. Before opening our law practice in 2007, Ms. Copeland worked for two years at a domestic violence shelter and is sensitive to the needs of clients whose family lives include violence or abuse.

We assist clients with all aspects of divorce, including:

We will guide you through the divorce process, including determining the proper court in which to file, representing you during a temporary hearing, negotiations, mediation, and finally trial, if necessary.

In certain situations, Ms. Copeland assists clients with divorce through the collaborative law process, which tends to be less emotional than traditionally litigated divorce actions. The collaborative process avoids the litigious atmosphere of a courtroom and allows the parties to take advantage of counselors and financial experts throughout the process to arrive at a just and humane solution that benefits everyone involved.

Grapevine, Texas Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

When we first meet with you, you and your spouse may have all the issues of your divorce worked out, or you may disagree on some or all of them. We can provide you with assistance for both uncontested and contested divorces:

  • If you have agreed on all issues, we will review or help you draft an agreement to ensure that it is in your best interests. Sometimes, couples who have initially agreed on all issues find that they need to refine some decisions.
  • If you disagree on some or all issues of your divorce, Ms. Copeland will help you seek a settlement for your divorce that is efficient, cost-effective and ensures that your property interests are protected.

While settlements are often a better resolution, when appropriate we will provide you with aggressive litigation for your divorce.

To schedule an initial consultation, contact us online or call 817-210-4964 or toll free at 888-875-4174.