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Life Goes On After A Divorce

Court orders and other family law-related agreements are a reflection of your life at the time of their creation. Life goes on, however, and court orders and agreements may need to be modified when there are significant changes in circumstances. When changes are needed, the Decatur modification lawyer at Theresa Y. Copeland Attorney at Law will provide approachable, realistic guidance and representation.

Texas Child Support Modification Lawyer

Our attorney represents clients in North Texas with a variety of modifications to family law-related court orders or agreements. We assist with modifications to orders and agreements for:

  • Child custody: If you, the child involved or the other parent have encountered a substantial change in circumstances since an order for custody or visitation was issued, we can help you seek a child custody modification or visitation modification.
  • Child support: You may be able to seek a modification if your circumstances have changed substantially and a minimum amount of time has passed since the order for support was issued.
  • Other family law-related court orders: We provide assistance for a range of other modifications, although a divorce decree relating to the division of property usually cannot be modified.

When we represent you in a modification matter, we will provide you with straightforward, realistic advice for your modification. When we can, we will first attempt to negotiate an agreement with the other party. If we are unable to accomplish a modification without litigation, we will advocate strongly for your interests in court.

Assistance With Postnuptial Agreements

In addition to changes to court orders for child custody and support and other family law-related matters, our law firm advises our clients regarding postnuptial agreements. A postnuptial agreement is a new agreement that re-partitions the property provisions contained in a prenuptial agreement.

If you need to update a prenuptial agreement, Ms. Copeland will provide you with a clear explanation of the effects of a postnuptial agreement and draft a new agreement for you that meets the strict legal standards for enforceability.

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