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Assistance With Complex Property Divisions

One of the more complicated aspects of many divorces is determining how to fairly divide the assets and debts that a couple has accrued during their marriage. In most divorces, determining a fair and accurate division of property requires the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer.

At Theresa Y. Copeland Attorney At Law, you will find a skilled Decatur property division attorney who will work to make this difficult process as simple for you as possible while protecting your rights to a fair division of property.

Texas Community Property Attorney

Texas is considered a community property state for purposes of dividing assets and debts during divorce. Community property must be divided equitably, which means divided fairly and not necessarily 50/50.

  • Community property: This includes assets that are acquired during the marriage. Community property is considered owned by both spouses, even if it is in only one spouse’s name. Inheritances and gifts made to one spouse are among the exceptions to this rule.
  • Separate property: This includes property that you acquired before the marriage, or that you inherited, received through a will or through a gift after the marriage. This is considered solely your property.

Determining whether property is community or separate property can be a complicated process. If you have a stock portfolio, for example, the dividends may be community property even if the stocks are separate property. The offspring of livestock, royalties from oil and gas rights, and many other types of property require skilled representation for an accurate and fair division.

A Fair Division of Your Property

When our law firm represents you, Ms. Copeland will help you conduct an inventory and appraisal of your debts and assets, including vehicles, personal possessions, investments, real property, retirement accounts and pensions such as 401(k)s, 503(b)s and 503(c)s, and other property. She will help you determine which is community and separate property and help you ensure that the division is fair, equitable and in your best interests.

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